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Scot was awarded the 2019-2020 Federal Duck Stamp. This is Scot’s second time winning this much sought after contest. Scots’s painting of a swimming male wood duck was picked first from 165 entries this year.

Print sales will be available in the summer of 2019.

2017 MN Pheasant Stamp.jpg


The image of "Riding the Front" earned Scot the honor of being Ducks Unlimited's International Artist of the Year. Canvas prints are available only through Ducks Unlimited through December 2017. We will have Artist Proof canvas prints available starting in January 2018.

This is Scot's third time to earn this title. The first was in 2005 for his painting "Right Place, Wrong Time". The second was in 2014 for the painting "Tranquil Water".

Droppin In.jpg
2019 federal duck stampscot storm art moodduck woody.jpg


The 2017 Minnesota Pheasant Habitat Stamp. This is the fourth time Scot has been awarded this honor.

Winning also in years 1999, 2006 & 2011. "It is as much an honor to win the fourth time as it was the first time", Scot said in an online interview, "but, I have to admit, the first time was definitely a huge rush".

Riding the Front.jpg


The painting "Droppin' In" was awarded the honor of being Ducks Unlimited's 80th Anniversary print. The king of ducks, the canvasback, dropping in to a scene from one of Scot's favorite hunting spots in North Dakota.

Canvas prints are only available through Ducks Unlimited through December 2017. The Artist proof canvas edition will be available January 2018.